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Château Cavalier

Monogramme Château Cavalier

Inland Provence

There is no arguing about tastes and colours: at Château Cavalier they are indivisible. Located in the magnificent Côtes de Provence appellation, the château bathes in the contrasting light and shade that inspire rosés as vivacious as they are elegant.

Welcome to a flamboyant vineyard,
in the heart of inland Provence.

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100% rosé

The property is exclusively dedicated to making rosé wine. Far from a passing fad, Château Cavalier prefers perfection to fragmentation.

Grand Cavalier Château Cavalier Cuvée Marafiance Château Cavalier Terre de Provence 360 de Cavalier

132 contiguous

Château Cavalier glows in the foothills of the Massif des Maures, in Vidauban, in the Var. A vineyard of 132 contiguous hectares, naturally bordered by surrounding woodland.



At Château Cavalier, wines are fermented using natural yeasts. An abundant terroir, for a richly aromatic wine.

Soil and water

Cavalier is the name of the stream that flows through the property. Draining the soils of different plots, it contributes to the natural irrigation of the vines.


At Château Cavalier, grapes ripen slowly on cool summer nights. The fog that rises from the vineyard every morning bears witness to this phenomenon.


360 degrees

From the top of the Sainte-Brigitte hill, visitors enjoy a panoramic view of the property, their gaze directed by a specially constructed orientation table. This vista provided the inspiration for Cavalier’s “Cuvée 360”.

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Certified Terra Vitis since 2012, Château Cavalier is committed to sustainable development. Working methods are designed to respect humankind and the environment, to better manage the vines and to preserve life.

Terra Vitis

Inland Provence

Far from the commotion of coastline, inland Provence is a calm, authentic haven. Its sense of serenity contrasts with the intense red of the soil. In this peaceful environment, Château Cavalier takes the time to grow the finest grapes.


Behind a limpid, pale hue, Chateau Cavalier’s wines display a strong character. Gourmet rosés combine finesse and aromatic richness, for expressing a full-bodied provençal personality.

Mains tenant de la terre


At Château Cavalier, the summers are hot and dry. As such, the cellars have been entirely redesigned to master the art of temperature control, a major characteristic of the terroir and a sine qua non for making high quality wines.


Considerable effort and investment have been directed towards vineyard management and vinification. As the growing number of awards would attest, Château Cavalier fully merits its place alongside the finest wines the Provence region has to offer.


Proudly provençal, Château Cavalier’s wines display a single colour, an ode to the flamboyant hues of their terroir...

Night-time harvest

The grapes are harvested at night, with the vines safely veiled under a delicate layer of mist, conserving their freshness, like a sweet dream barely recalled.

The people of Cavalier

Philippe Castel
Philippe Castel

A true visionary, he works daily with the technical team to provide strategic direction. The vast experience he has acquired working on the different family properties is of great use at Château Cavalier.

Olivier Dauga
Clément Brun

Part of the fifth generation of dedicated Provençal winegrowers, and benefitting from international experience, he provides a dual expertise in oenology and engineering in his role as Technical Director at Château Cavalier.

Olivier Dauga
Olivier Dauga

As the property’s oenological consultant since 2012, he takes great pleasure in making gourmet wines that are a pure expression of the Provence terroir. A vibrant character, very much in the image of Château Cavalier.

A Flam boyantdiner

Combining textures, balancing flavours: the fine dining experience is all about finesse. This table was dressed in pink. A langoustine tartare joins Château Cavalier to play an elegant, energetic symphony. A truly flamboyant approach to dining.

A langoustine tartare joins Château Cavalier to play an elegant, energetic symphony. A truly flamboyant approach to dining.

Château Cavalier – Grand Cavalier is perfect on its own or with a meal.

Château Cavalier – Grand Cavalier is an elegant pairing for desserts like this luxuriant raspberry pavlova.

Château Cavalier Terre de Provence

Grand Cavalier

Cabernet-Sauvignon, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Rolle

A blend of great southern varietals, alongside Cabernet-Sauvignon, make for an authentic “gourmet” rosé.

Colour: Lovely pale lychee pink.

Nose: Powerful, explosive and complex. The high proportion of Cabernet and Mourvèdre adds aromas of red fruit (raspberries, red currants etc.), citrus (grapefruit, lychees) and complex spicy aromas. Floral and mineral aromas come through after aeration.

Mouth: Very elegant and stylish. The aromatic palette becomes more complex with spicy notes joining the floral, citrus and red fruit aromas. The very fine and well-balanced structure is followed by a fresh finish with mineral notes.

Guide Hachette 2018
Château Cavalier Cuvée Marafiance


Grenache, Syrah, Rolle, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Sémillon, Clairette, Mourvèdre

An opulent blend, Marafiance is an expressive pairing for a wide variety of cuisines.

Colour: Pale pink, raspberry with bluish tints.

Nose: Very complex with an intense first nose showing notes of citrus and red fruit. The second nose develops floral and spicy aromas within an ensemble of great finesse.

Mouth: Very elegant and fine on the palate with red fruit and citrus. Floral and mineral notes then develop. The complex, aromatic finish creates a lovely acidic tension.

91/100 James Suckling
Gold Medal: Concours de Bruxelles 2017
Gold Medal: Concours des Vins de Provence 2017
Château Cavalier Cuvée Marafiance

Terre de Provence

Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle

An archetypal blend makes for an authentic inland Provence rosé.

Colour: Lovely bright pale salmon

Nose: Complex with aromas of citrus, tropical and yellow fruit with a hint of spice.

Mouth: Long finish with notes of sweet spices and citrus underpinned by nice acidic tension.

90/100 Decanter
Gold Medal: Vinalies Internationales 2017
Gold Medal: Concours de Bruxelles 2017
360 de Cavalier

360 de Cavalier

Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Rolle

A fresh and aromatic blend, ideal on its own or with barbecues.

Colour: Lovely bright and very pale lychee pink.

Nose: Aromas of fresh citrus, tropical fruit and red berries with hints of pear.

Mouth: Fresh, aromatic and lemony on the palate. Shows complexity and leads to a finish with notes of citrus, red and yellow fruit.

Châteaux et Domaines Castel

Châteaux & Domaines Castel

A guarantee of excellence, Cavalier is part of Châteaux & Domaines Castel. The group is present in four French wine regions, Bordeaux, Loire, Languedoc and Provence, with 19 properties. As a family owned international group, it covers every wine profession, from the vine to the glass.

Heritage strategy

Respect for the terroir, the vintage and the grape, Cavalier is part of the Châteaux et Domaines Castel heritage strategy. A heritage to inspire, a heritage to work with, a heritage that will last.

Cultivating a range of talents

The Châteaux & Domaines Castel philosophy. Revealing the potential of the terroir, and investing in expertise, to accompany each and every property on the path to excellence.

19 properties, 3 generations

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Château Cavalier

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